Getting started

Description as payment proxy (in further text proxy) provides easy way to integrate with


To use proxy you need to have merchant account on

If you do not have one head to and create account.

If you do have merchant account then follow steps:

  • Contact support
  • Ask for proxy account


To integrate with proxy you need

  • webteh merchant account
  • proxy merchant account
  • proxy library
  • authentication token


Customization, custom views, internationalization, assets

Proxy provides out of the box support for custom views, assets and internationalization.


Custom views

Custom views support is implemented via client parameter in AddCardModel | PayCvvModel. Proxy usesclient parameter to load view names <client>.handlebars


  • All fields must have .handlebars extension
  • You should not change name attributes on input fields


  • Create custom views
  • Request upload changes from support
  • set AddCardModel | PayCvvModel client parameter to desired value (for example android_en)

client = android_en will load android_en.handlebars file for your merchant.